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 Official Dagganoth Kings Guide

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PostSubject: Official Dagganoth Kings Guide   Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:18 pm

Warning this is a multiway combat area. You WILL be attack by multiple foes at once.

Dagganoth Kings are considerably the hardest bosses on FallenPK. Attack with with all three types of combat, this can cause chaos and lead to quick deaths if you don't know what you're doing. I'm here to clarify that for you and make this set of bosses much easier. The first thing that you may want to consider is fighting this boss with a team. Dagganoth Kings can be considerably hard to solo. Generally with a team you have 3 people a mage and two hybrids. First lets look at the bosses and their attack styles and weakness's.

This is considerably the hardest and most powerful of the trio. He attacks with mage and is weak to ranged attacks. This is the Dagganoth King that generally is the one to kill you, so take him down as fast as possible.

Dagannoth Rex:
Level: 303
Hp Bars:1

This guy can also cause a lot of heartache and pain. He attacks with melee and is weak to mage. This is the only Dagganoth King that your mage will be attacking, this comes with the responsibly of luring which we will talk about later on in the guide.

Dagannoth Supreme:
Level: 303
Hp Bars:1

This is arguably the easiest of the trio and generally the fastest take down thanks to specs. He attacks with range and is weak to melee.

Ok, now its time to go into the lair.

The most widely used method will be the method i will teach you. This is the mage / hybrid method.

Once you get to the ladder, the mage will go in with mage pray on. The mage will then run down to the safe spot while luring Rex right behind them.

After he is lured the hybrids can then come in with mage pray on and take down prime first followed by supreme. You want to try to have it timed out so when the mage is luring Rex the hybrids are killing Prime.
This just goes on in a continuous cycle.

Rex Luring position.

Inventory Set-up and Gear.

Hybrid Inventory.

*You can also fill a familiar with food and potions.

Mage's Gear.

Mage's Inventory.


The Archers Ring. +4 Range attack/defence. Dropped by Dagganoth Supreme.

The Berserker Ring. +4 Strength, +4 crush defence. Dropped by Dagganoth Rex.

The Seers Ring. +4 Magic attack/defence. Dropped by Dagganoth Prime.

The Warriors Ring. +4 Slash attack/defence. Dropped by Dagganoth Rex.

Dragon Hatchet. Dropped by ALL Dagganoth Kings.

Spined armor. Dropped by Dagganoth Supreme.

Skeletal armor. Dropped by Dagganoth Prime.

Rock-shell armor. Dropped by Dagganot Rex

Battlestaff providing Earth and Water runes. Dropped by Dagganoth Prime.

Seercull. A Bow with a special that drains the enemy's magic level by 1/10 of the damage it inflicts. Dropped by Dagganoth Supreme.

Emergency Situations:

Prime spawns while the hybrids are still killing Supreme:
If Prime spawns on you while you are still killing Supreme, then this is bad. Prime can hit hard and he often hits very high. If it's been taking a while for Supreme, be very wary and be ready to switch prayers. As soon as he spawns, activate mage prayer and piety and finish off Supreme. Then just run up and kill Prime and continue as normal.

Rex spawns while hybrids are still killing Supreme:
If the hybrids are killing Supreme when Rex spawns, the mage should attack him immediately and try to lure him over. If he gets too close to the hybrids and attacks them, the mage needs to run up and stand next to Rex to get him to attack you. The hybrids will then finish Supreme if he is at low LP and then go up the ladder or if he still has over half, you might just want to go up ladder immediately. The mage should then just lure Rex back to the safespot and the hybrids can come back down and go back to their normal business.

*Dagganoth Kings can be solo'ed: combining the two equipment, and attacking each dks seperately is highly favorable for the one to going alone.
*Prefered prayer to use = mage.
*will add colors and sizes


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PostSubject: Nice guide   Sat Jun 23, 2012 6:11 pm

Nice guide may have seen this one before.
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Jessie J
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Extreme Poster
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PostSubject: Re: Official Dagganoth Kings Guide   Sat Jun 23, 2012 6:19 pm

Nice guide, well explained and a lot of pictures in the guide which always makes it easier to understand the guide it self. I can clearly tell the pictures are leeched haha.

`Jessie J
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PostSubject: Reply   Sat Jun 23, 2012 7:02 pm

Thankyou guyz and this guide was made by a friend and modified by me and yes the pics are commonly used.
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PostSubject: Re: Official Dagganoth Kings Guide   

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Official Dagganoth Kings Guide
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